Biking for Animals

My name is Armen. I consider myself a true animal lover and I strongly respect other animals' right to live and to not suffer. I am a firm believer in that we have to do whatever we can to help other animals. This is why I have been directly involved in a variety of organizations that aim to do just that, most recently with ESWA (The European Society for the Well-being of Animals). I have spearheaded initiatives such as the Ten Percent Club, which aims to get everyone to set aside ten percent of their going-out money and donate it to charity, and have personally wandered the streets of several cities in Mexico feeding hungry stray dogs. I have adopted several cats, either from the street or from shelters, and have helped others do the same. Biking for Animals is yet another initiative that I hope results in a better life for at least some animals.

I hope my tour across the US inspires you to do something, anything, to save the lives of animals, and to help makes their lives better.

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