- Biking for Animals - 2013 fundraising bike tour of the USA - Raising money for no-kill organizations
Biking for Animals

We can all do our part to end the needless killing of homeless pets in American shelters!

DESCRIPTION: On October 1, 2013, I started my Biking for Animals tour in Vermont, hoping to go through all 48 continental states. Due to health reasons, I had to cancel the tour after my California ride. I ended up doing a total of 30 states and about 2,000 miles. I did this to a) raise awareness about the millions of homeless pets that are killed every year at shelters across the United States that have time and space limitations, and b) to raise money for organizations that promote a no-kill approach to dealing with these animals.

We Americans love our pets so much, and yet an estimated four million healthy dogs and cats will be euthanized this year in shelters across the US. This is both unacceptable and unnecessary.

A well-executed no-kill approach to homeless pets is the answer. On the national scale, organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society are working to make this happen by starting a lot of great initiatives to tackle this important issue. Some of these deal with the root of the problem (cutting down on irresponsible breeding, promoting TNR for cats, staging and promoting spay and neuter events), while others, such as their adoption events and pet adoption centers, look to put homeless pets into loving homes. They have developed and (financially) supported model programs across the country designed to save the lives of pets, and to top it all off, they run their own sanctuary of nearly 1,700 pets! Because of their efforts, many animals that would otherwise be euthanized, find happy homes, or are at least able to live out their lives in peace.

There are many organizations and no-kill shelters that do the same sort of work on the local level. I wanted people to know about the important work that they do, so I tried to visit as many of these as I could, getting some media coverage along the way. Browse this list or go to the No-Kill Network website to get even more local resources. Remember, many of these organizations rely on private donations to keep helping animals, so open your hearts and your wallets!

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